Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add my logo to a video?

    For Enterprise subscribers: In Step 1: Choose Your Shots, select My Logo. Select Import to load a jpeg file of your logo or other image for use as a beginning or ending graphic. You can also import a beginning or ending video.

    These branding elements are saved automatically; they can be added to any video you make, and can be changed or disabled at any time. In Enterprise accounts, the ability to add or change logos may be restricted by system administrators.

  • How do I change the order of my shots?

    In Step 1: Choose Your Shots, tap the shot thumbnails to adjust their order. To change the order further, simply tap on the thumbnails to remove them from the shot list, then try again. Enterprise users can press the Drag button that appears at the lower left when shots have been selected, then drag the thumbnails to reorder the shots.

  • Can I film someone else for the "Tell Your Story" step?

    Yes. Tap the Camera Switch button in the top right corner. To record just a voiceover (with no storyteller on camera), tap the Camera + Mic button at the top of the Step 2: Tell Your Story screen. To use prerecorded soundbites, press the Import button in Step 2.

  • How do I create different video editing combinations?

    In Step 2: Tell Your Story, select Record. Then tap either the next shot thumbnail at the bottom right of the main video screen. You’ll see a green highlight around the active shot. The final video will be assembled based on the timing of your taps.

  • Can I use a previously recorded interview or story for my video?

    Yes. In Step 2: Tell Your Story, select Import. Your imported story will become the main story shot of the video; press Play, then tap to add supporting shots.

    Enterprise users can import an unlimited number of soundbites in each video; Videolicious automatically combines them into one story track. To do so, select Import, select a series of soundbites, then select Save. You’ll be able to watch your soundbites while taping supporting footage on top.

  • What if I want to create a voiceover without a narration video?

    In Step 2: Tell Your Story, switch from Camera + Mic to Mic Only.

  • What is Talk & Tap?

    In Step 2: Tell Your Story, the Talk & Tap feature allows you to control when each shot appears in a video. As you tell your story, tap the shot thumbnail at the bottom right of the screen to set exactly when that shot appears within your video. Repeat with additional shots. Switch back to the main narration by tapping the main video – you’ll see a green highlight around the active shot.

  • Can I make a video without background music?

    Yes. In Step 3: Choose Your Music, select Skip in the top right corner of the screen.

  • How do I adjust the audio balance between my voice and the supporting music?

    In Step 3, choose your music. Then use the popup controls to adjust volume levels. Swiping to the left increases music volume; swiping to the right increases voiceover volume. Save once you like what you hear.

  • Can I create more videos while a video I just finished uploads?

    Yes. If you're working with Videolicious on a mobile device, your videos will keep uploading in the background as long as Videolicious is open. Meanwhile, you can keep creating videos.

  • Can I adjust my photos?

    Enterprise subscribers can crop and reposition photos. In Step One: Choose Your Shots, tap the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the photo and drag or pinch with two fingers to adjust its positioning and size.

  • Can I pull a section of my raw video out and save it as a new video?

    Enterprise subscribers with iOS devices can create a new video clip from a portion of a raw video. In Step One: Choose Your Shots, tap the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, then select your video clip. Use the trim controls to select the portion of the video you'd like to make into a new clip, then tap the Sub Clip button to save the new clip to your camera roll.

  • How long should my logo appear on screen?

    We generally advise that logos be created with a 3 second length.

  • What are the standard Videolicious file format output specifications?

    By default, Videolicious saves videos as an H.264 file at 5 Mbps and 720p resolution