play button How to Create a Job Posting Video (Magic Mode)

How to Create a Job Posting Video (Magic Mode)

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how to create a job posting video using Magic Mode, which automatically lays your album footage over your sound bites and mixes in music – all in one easy step!


Step One

When you’re making a job posting video, start by recording your sound bite. Choose a spokesperson for the job – it could be someone holding that position, an HR manager, or a recruiter, and have them speak on-camera. 

Step Two

Film in a quiet, well-lit area with a lot of depth – this makes your shot visually appealing. It’s good to use a lavalier mic as shown in the video above – that plugs right into your phone – to capture the best sound.

Step Three

Frame up your spokesperson on camera and ask them to speak briefly about their experience with the job and with the company. Avoid scripting their response – it’s best if they speak naturally from the heart. Encourage them to give a firsthand, emotional answer – for example, “I love working at this company because”…or “what this job means to me is.” Personal stories are great. Avoid using corporate speak or company jargon - this won’t connect with viewers. Make sure they talk about what excites them about going to work each day and how their role contributes to the big picture.

Step Four

To create your video using Magic Mode, your Videolicious administrator should work with our team to set up an album of approved supporting shots that you can access from your account.

Step Five

If that’s been done, open Videolicious. In Step One, tap “Choose your shots.” Then tap “Magic Mode” – and you’ll see any albums that have been created for you. Tap the one you want, then import the sound bite or sound bites you need to tell your story. Make sure you select them in the correct order. 

Step Six

Press play, and watch the magic begin! Magic mode automatically lays your album footage over your sound bites and mixes in music – without you touching anything else.