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How to Create a Product Tutorial Video

This video will demonstrate how to create a video that explains a product function.


Step One

When you’re making a video to explain a product function, start by recording your sound bite.

Step Two

Frame yourself up with the front-facing camera on your mobile device, or have a friend help film you. Record yourself talking about how the function works – make sure you cover each step and don’t leave anything out! It’s good to end with a smile.

Step Three

Now collect your supporting shots. Make sure you have a clear, close-up view of the product and that there’s plenty of light. Then film everything you mentioned in your sound bite – each step or aspect of the product. You may be able to capture it with one shot, or you may need to break it up into several shots depending on how complex your function is.

Step Four

To put it together, open Videolicious. In Step One, select your supporting shot or shots in the order you want them to appear in your video. In Step Two, import your explanatory sound bite. Then play back your sound bite and tap your supporting shots to follow them. It’s good to come back to the speaker’s face at the end by tapping on the main screen.

Step Five

In Step Three, you can add music – tap choose your music, then “theme music” and select a song. You can adjust the volume by sliding the mixing bar left or right. When you are satisfied with your edits, preview and save your final video.