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How to Create a Video Business Card

This video will demonstrate how to create a video business card using Videolicious.


Step One

When you’re making a video business card, start by choosing your location. Pick a well-lit area that represents the culture of your workplace – is it traditional or trendy? Relaxed or formal? Make sure your shot has depth and that you’re not standing right up against a wall. Also be mindful of background noise – too much can be distracting. 

Step Two

Using natural light is great, but don’t stand with your back facing a window. Make sure the light is falling onto your face, not coming from behind you.

Step Three

Have a friend film you and frame you up on camera. It’s good to use a lavalier microphone, as shown in the video above. Just attach the mic clip to your collar.

Step Four

Now record your short introductory sound bite. Pretend you’re at a business meeting and introducing yourself to a group of new people. What would you tell them about yourself and your job in a few sentences? Start by saying hello and giving your name. Then talk about what you do at the company. Avoid jargon and use language that anyone can understand, even if they’re not familiar with your field.

Step Five

Close with a friendly invitation to get in touch – a simple “I look forward to connecting with you” works well. Don’t forget to smile! Your goal is to look warm and approachable. 

Step Six

To put it together, open Videolicious. In Step One, select your sound bite. You can trim it if needed by tapping the edit button at the bottom of your screen and then tapping your clip. Tap Save when done and skip Step Two. 

Step Seven

In Step Three, you can add music – tap choose your music, then “theme music” and select a song. You can adjust the volume by sliding the mixing bar left or right. When you are satisfied with your edits, preview and save your final video.