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How to Create an Effective Message for Video

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how to create and deliver an effective message through video.


Step One

When you’re creating a message for video, start by collecting your thoughts. Think about what you’d like to communicate on camera in a brief and concise way. Your video should be about a minute long. Keeping the length short makes it more likely that viewers will watch your entire video, so keep it in that range - we've found this works best. Your job is to fit your message into that time frame. 

Step Two

Start with your introduction – you’ll want to get to the point right away. Introduce yourself and tell your viewers exactly what the purpose of the video is. Being direct is a good way to grab their attention – being vague is not. Try to keep your introduction to just one or two sentences. 

Step Three

Next, break down your message into three key points. What are the three main ideas that you want your viewers to take away? Spend about two or three sentences explaining each point, and then move on to the next. 

Step Four

Finally, wrap it all up with a call to action. Now that your viewers have the information, what do you want them to do with it? You can ask for participation, invite them to connect with you, or direct them to a place where they can learn more. Like your introduction, this should also be just a sentence or two. Don’t forget to smile as you wrap up! You can film yourself speaking using the front-facing camera of your mobile device, or have a friend help film you.

Step Five

To put it together, open Videolicious. In Step One, select any supporting shots you want to use with your message in the order you want them to appear. In Step Two, import your speaking clip or clips in the right order. Then play back your speaking clip, and tap your supporting shots to overlay them. It’s good to come back and show your face at the end by tapping on the main screen. 

Step Six

In Step Three, you can add music – tap choose your music, then “theme music” and select a song. You can adjust the volume by sliding the mixing bar left or right. When you are satisfied with your edits, preview and save your final video.