play button How to Create an Event Booth Video with Videolicious

How to Create an Event Booth Video with Videolicious

This video will demonstrate to users how to make an Event Booth video to amplify your event marketing efforts with an easy to share video about your presence at an event or trade show. For our example we will be covering methods to create easy and informative videos about a product or brand at an event. 


Step One

Collect your interview. Find a spokesperson at the booth willing to talk on camera and have them introduce themselves and their company. Ask why they came to the convention and why it’s a good fit for their brand. Ask how the experience has been so far.

Step Two

Ask what they are showing off at the booth and have them talk about the product and walk through a quick demo if possible. Wrap it up by having them pitch viewers to check out their booth.

Step Three

Collect supporting shots. Get video of the booth from difference distances and angles.  Get close ups, details, long shots, and wide shots. Try to capture reaction shots from people at the booth. Make sure you get close up shots to illustrate anything your speaker mentioned, especially their demonstration and any details you can find.

Step Four

Put it all together in Videolicious. Open Videolicious. Select your supporting shots in Step One in the order that matches your sound bites. In Step Two, import your sound bites in the order you want them to play.

Step Five

Play back your sound bites and tap your supporting shots to follow them as you tap edit.

Step Six

Play back the result, save, and publish.