play button How to Create an Event Invitation Video (Magic Mode)

How to Create an Event Invitation Video (Magic Mode)

This video will demonstrate how to create a personal event invitation video using Magic Mode, which automatically lays your album footage over your sound bites and mixes in music – all in one easy step!


Step One

When you’re making a personal event invitation video, start by recording your sound bites. Choose a quiet, well-lit area and frame yourself up using the front-facing camera on your mobile device. Or if you have a friend around to help, they can film you.

Step Two

First, record a sound bite that describes the event. Talk about what’s happening and why it’s an important place to be professionally. Try to be as specific as possible and name any speakers or activities lined up. Why shouldn’t you miss the opportunity? This part is the “meat” of your video and doesn’t have to be personalized - so you can use it for more than one invitation.

Step Three

Next record your personal introduction to the viewer. This is the start of your video. Warmly greet your viewer and call them by name. Then state why you’re reaching out – to invite them to an exciting event.  

Step Four

Now record your wrap-up sound bite. Mention your viewer by name again and encourage them to attend one more time. A simple “hope to see you there” is effective! 

Step Five

To create your video using Magic Mode, your Videolicious administrator should work with our team to set up an album of approved supporting shots that you can access from your account.

Step Six

If that’s been done, open Videolicious. In Step One, tap “Choose your shots.” Then tap “Magic Mode” – and you’ll see any albums that have been created for you. Tap the one you want, then import the sound bite or sound bites you need to tell your story. Make sure you select them in the correct order. 

Step Seven

Press play, and watch the magic begin! Magic mode automatically lays your album footage over your sound bites and mixes in music – without you touching anything else. You can make lots of invitations quickly by re-using the “meat” of your video and simply re-recording your intro and wrap-up sound bites each time to personalize them for different viewers.