play button Using the Teleprompter Feature

Using the Teleprompter Feature

Using the teleprompter feature allows you to film perfectly scripted videos so you stay on message and sound confident.



First, write your script wherever you feel comfortable. You can write your script on either your computer or your mobile device. If you write your script on your computer, email the text to yourself so you can access it from your mobile device.


In the Videolicious app, tap the camera icon in the lower left corner of the Step 1 screen.


From the "Add a Shot" screen, tap the teleprompter script in the top right corner.


Paste your script into the text field. When you're satisfied, tap "Save" in the top right corner.


Tap the script icon again to adjust the scrolling speed of your script.


Tap record and read your script. Your script will appear next to your camera so it looks like you're still looking directly into the lens. Don't forget to smile!