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Created With Videolicious: Kansas City Star Hits a Home Run with Video

Kansas City Royals fans were ready to watch their team take their first title since 1985, and The Kansas City Star was prepared to provide as much World Series coverage as possible. During the Royals championship run, The Kansas City Star editorial staff created more than 100 videos including coaches, players, fans, and behind the scenes stories. About 95 percent of those videos were produced with Videolicious.

The result: The Kansas City Star set a new one-day record on November 2 for the total number of views on videos for the McClatchy Newspaper group. “We have 30 newspapers in our group and no newspaper has ever had as many hits on videos in one day as we did. Those were videos of The Kansas City Royals and fans celebrating the World Series,” explained Monty Davis, Video Editor for The Kansas City Star of ten years. “We accomplished this because we were able to use Videolicious and turn videos around very quickly.”

Davis, who has a knack for character driven stories, was able to find one of those fans celebrating the run to the World Series while between innings at a game in Toronto. Davis was “switching hats between photographer to videographer,” when he made eye contact with KC Super fan Christopher Coates, known for attending every home game for the past 11 years. They meet in the stands and conducted an interview in less than 20 minutes.

Following the rule of “light, medium, and tight shots” Davis filmed different angles of Coates, the stadium, and other elements for his b-roll. Within Videolicious, Davis cleaned up his audio by listening back to the interview and used the Trim feature to clip interview segments down in length. He then added Lower Third text to the final sound bites. Once the audio was finalized, he used his b-roll to cover the sound bites and used the Drag feature to re-arrange the clips in the order the images appear in the video.

The entire video creation process took an hour, from beginning his interview to uploading the video from his iPhone to The Kansas City Star’s YouTube page. Davis has found that Videolicious videos add to traffic and engagement to the site and can take up very little of the staff’s downtime.

Davis, was skeptically of editing on a mobile device after years of desktop editing and filming on standard camera. However, he has since become the in-house Videolicious expert at the Kansas City Star, having now trained over 80 journalists. “This is the first program that I have found that sort of de-mystifies video. It makes it easy for everybody.”

Davis has described Videolicious as a “transformative process” for The Kansas City Star, allowing them to monopolize on the World Series coverage. “Everybody has a smartphone so it’s not like you’re trying to fumble with a new device or pick up a camera you’ve never seen before. He has helped the staff to “take the next step and do quick, simple, little videos,” as seen in the multiple video coverage of the celebratory Royals Parade on November 2.

His advice for first time a user is: Don’t be afraid. “Get to know the program and get lots of practice,” says Davis.

Watch more World Series coverage by Monty Davis and the Kansas City Staff at their Kansas City Royals Channel on Youtube: