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Created with Videolicious: Local Market adds rooftop beehives

When Rose Baca, Staff Photographer at The Dallas Morning News, toured a local supermarket’s addition of beehives to their rooftop to produce local honey, she knew that still photos would not be enough to explain the story of harvest to in-store consumer purchase.

“I could take stills of something and it does a pretty good job, but to see it happening with an interview over it; explaining what’s going on and why it’s happening, like the beekeepers were doing, it’s just another great way to tell the story,” says Baca.

It was a last minute assignment, but creating the video was not a problem. Baca explains, “with Videolicious, it’s such a quick turn around, so you really don’t have to prepare for it.” As she worked double duty shifts as photographer and videographer, Baca was able to “whip out [her] phone at moments that might be interesting,” to gather her video clips.

The way Baca tells her story draws the audience in. She always starts her videos with a “catchy piece of video,” which includes natural sound to set the tone. She also interviews multiple subjects and then films b-roll following the interviews to get shots of what the subjects said. Baca describes her process, “It’s become sort of a formula for how I want the video to look, so it’s gotten easy for me to edit, as [the Videolicious] interface is intuitive.” She keeps her videos to between 1 to 2 minutes to keep viewers attention.

When it comes to editing with Videolicious, “I’d say it takes me 20 minutes to put it together, if that.” The time for her interviews and filming can depend on the assignment.

Branding such as bumpers and a watermark are universally installed on all Dallas Morning News accounts, so when Baca saves her final video it is automatically uploaded to The Dallas Morning News YouTube account, which also plays on the website’s homepage. Baca can also email the web news team or a reporter that was on the same assignment to add her video to their article.

Baca recommends that new Videolicious users keep their mind fresh by watching other content. “Other videos can inspire your own,” says Baca. “Also move around. Don’t be afraid to hold the camera up high or get down low. Get in the action!”

Another excellent example of Rose Baca’s work includes a video titled, “Mary Kay Consultants Assemble Care Kits For Domestic Violence Shelters.”

***Michael Reaves, former Photo Intern for The Dallas Morning News, additionally assisted in the creation of “Dallas Central Market Adds Rooftop Beehives.”

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