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Created With Videolicious: Showing Virtual Reality

When René A. Guzman, a features writer for the San Antonio Express-News, was tasked to welcome audiences to the DinoTrek Virtual Reality Experience he wanted to give his readers a visual experience of their own. (DinoTrek VR is an Android/iOS app for everyday consumers to experience virtual reality on their smartphones with or without a VR headset. Geomedia, a video production company and interactive media/visual effects house based in San Antonio created the app.)

“This is very much a visual medium that we’re reporting on,” says Guzman. “Ultimately this comes down to: What does this look like? I’d love to see it. So that was very much a priority.”

While there was a photographer taking still photos of the DinoTrek VR headset, Guzman, who regularly covers consumer gadgets and technology, he wanted to give his audience more. “I needed to find the best ways to show it and Videolicious was the best way.”

So when Guzman went to interview Geomedia’s interactive director Jeremy Kenisky, he made sure he took four specific shots that would transport his readers to a world of dinosaurs in a 360-degree environment. One shot in Guzman’s video gives perspective as if you are wearing the DinoTrek Virtual headset, done by importing actual footage of the app video. The second shot Guzman wanted to show his audience was how someone looks with the headset on, as seen on Kenisky. The third shot included his interview of Kenisky and the fourth shot included multiple b-roll shots, all done with his iPhone 5s. He used the Geomedia office’s colorful atmosphere as an aesthetic backdrop during his interview shots. The pop art on the walls and toys on the desk made gathering b-roll effortless.

With a rough outline in his head and those four specific shots filmed, Guzman found “it was relatively seamless” to edit his video together within Videolicious. The process of posting the video to San Antonio Express-News was “very straightforward” as Guzman followed the app’s prompts to upload the video and then notified online department that his video was ready to be published to the website.

While Guzman is a print reporter by trade, he has become a Videolicious power user at San Antonio Express-News. “There are plenty of tricks you can use with Videolicious and it makes learning curve easy.“ Videolicious “provides a pretty stable foundation to get that set up for yourself as a videographer and as you get comfortable you start learning new tricks that you can do.”

Guzman advises any new users to “ask open-ended questions and get lots of b-roll so there’s plenty of clips to play around with later. It’s better to have more that you can do without.” And also …“Enjoy it! Have fun with this.”