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Created with Videolicious: Rich's Sales and Training Videos

Rich Products Corporation produces more than 2,000 food products ranging from seafood to award-winning breads. In 2014 Rich’s started using Videolicious to add high-quality video to their sales and marketing menu, after becoming empowered by Videolicious.

Keith Tribula, Associate Marketing Manager at Rich Products Corporation, has found that Videolicious has allowed his Marketing team “to respond our needs. The versatility of the videos that we can create on Videolicious really helps us to use video in so many ways than we would have ever thought or would have ever done before.”

Two use cases have become most effective:

1) Training Videos
2) Enhancing Presentations

For training videos, Tribula finds that a 1-2 minute video on a specific product “is a unique, fun, and easy way for a sales person or a chef in the kitchen to the pull up the video right from their phone. It’s easy to get that information right on the spot.” If a Sales Rep is with a customer, he or she can easily pull up a video to show handling instructions and ways to customize a product. Customers can also have the video to reference later.

Delivering the message through video has helped, “enhance the handling of our product. I think it’s always easier when you can see how to handle something versus just reading instructions off of a box, so it’s a way for us to help our customers better utilize the product,” says Tribula. Rich’s has also begun to post the training videos and tips to their website.

Rich’s also uses Videolicious videos to enhance sales presentations, as they found it adds in another element of excitement. “It helps people pay attention and delivers the message in a different way,” says Tribula.

Tribula created the above video, which features members of the Culinary Team individually discussing the benefits and unique ways to work with their newest sandwich product. Videolicious allowed him to easily edit together the interviews that he conducted with members of the Culinary Team with videos created by remote workers who filmed themselves.

When it came to creating the video, Tribula says it took about twenty minutes to conduct each interview and thirty minutes to edit the final product. To improve the quality of the interviews, he used a stand to hold an iPhone for a steady shot and an external mic to improve audio quality.

Once the video was finished, Tribula downloaded the file to a flash drive to use in his live presentation. The audience “appreciated the video. The intent was to show that our culinary team liked the product and that message was conveyed.” Tribula found that video makes it easy for the Culinary Team to speak to a wide range of people, be concise with their message, and not have to be take them out of the kitchen for an in-person presentation.

“The video was a great way for us to have the content to use it again and allowed for us to have a lot of flexibility with delivering the message and content,” says Tribula.

Tribula had no previously video editing experience prior to using Videolicious. “The best way I learned was by diving in. I learn something new every time I open the app.”

Download this case study to learn more about how Videolicious is helping Rich’s increase sales.