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Unlock the Power of Employee-Generated Video

The benefits of using video throughout the organization are well known — better engagement, increased clicks and opens, improved information retention. However, organizations are struggling to create compelling video content. Video production usually is time-consuming, slow and expensive, but now that employees have incredible video cameras in their pockets, the ability to create great video content is available to everyone.

The key to unlocking the power of employee-generated video is not to unleash the wild west of video creation. Rather, with the right branding, workflow, and training, employees can truly drive business results in a powerful way using video they created themselves.

The world of enterprise video is like a pyramid – the top is the current video team or agency method of making business videos. These videos look incredible, they can cost $10,000 - $50,000 each (or more), and usually take weeks or months to complete. At the bottom of the pyramid is raw footage, which is not great for enterprise use – it’s hard to watch, looks unprofessional, and doesn’t conform to brand standards. The middle of the pyramid is where the opportunity to leverage employee-generated video comes alive – content that has branding, a-roll and b-roll (to show not tell), music, graphics, messaging – but is shot or produced using mobile devices by employees themselves.

Here is an overview of several use cases where companies are driving business value with employee-generated video.

Marketing: Top brands have several major employee-generated video opportunities to enhance marketing. Events take significant investment of budget and resources, so getting no video benefit or social video amplification is a huge missed opportunity. Employee-generated videos are perfect for pre-event invitations, to drive traffic and attendance to booths or networking events, real-time amplification videos to highlight thought leadership activities, customer interactions, and product information coming out of the events. These employee-generated videos are sent directly to prospects and customers or posted on blogs and social channels, so that even people that don’t attend the events can gain some of the event value. Given the quantity of events that a global brand produces, there is a huge demand to create more video to enhance these types of marketing efforts.

Sales: Personalized video is being used in three parts of the sales process. First, enterprise companies are creating video business cards for each of their sales executives to enable their team to make initial personal connections with prospects, while introducing product footage or demo highlights. Second, salespeople are using personalized video in the outreach phase, as a way to generate more meetings by taking the personalized email to the next level. These videos are addressed at prospects individually and utilize product footage to provide a high level intro. Third, salespeople are using personalized video as a follow-up after initial meetings with prospects to encourage next steps in a truly personal way.

Communications: There is a wealth of opportunity to leverage the passion of the employee base to share best practices and information that drives the organization forward, and companies are finding that employee-generated video is the most effective and engaging way to do it at scale. Major brands are using employee-generated video to enable experts to share knowledge, both internally and externally. Specifically, to summarize key meetings; preview product updates; share success stories; amplify company events and community outreach; report company news; and more. Enterprises are starting to unlock the power of video to share valuable knowledge in more engaging ways then ever before.

Recruiting: Every major brand makes a few key “top of the pyramid” videos about their workplace culture to recruit new employees, but the growth of employee-generated video is bringing the recruiting video to a new level. Now videos are being created for each and every job posting, or every office or location. A job-level video allows companies to truly show not tell what is specifically exciting about a position and this type of video helps companies put their best foot forward. Hiring managers are going on camera to invite candidates to apply personally, giving candidates a great preview of the opportunity and the draw of the position.

As the demand for video content grows and the ability to create high-quality video becomes more accessible, the momentum of employee-generated video will continue to grow and will become an important tool to help companies improve their marketing, sales, communication and recruiting efforts.

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