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3 Ways to Use Employee-Generated Video for Event Marketing

Marketing events, whether as a sponsor or exhibitor at an industry trade show or an event hosted by your company, take an incredible amount of resources (and budget). Marketers try to maximize the value of the events by creating as much amplification as possible before, during, and after the events in order to maximize attendance, leads, and engagement.  Using video for event marketing is an easy way to extend the reach of your marketing efforts.

With the explosion of video on social media platforms, creating video content around events is becoming more and more critical, but sending a video crew all over the world for multiple events per year (or hundreds of events in some cases) is very costly and often too slow to create content in real-time.

With marketing staff out ‘in the field’ during events, companies can turn to their mobile devices to shoot, edit, and publish videos in a scalable and affordable way, without sacrificing quality. Here are three ways we’re seeing enterprises use mobile devices to create videos that grow the value and reach of their event marketing.

The Event Invitation Video

The first challenge of any event is getting people to to the event. Enterprises are using personalized video invitations to get the attention of prospects. These videos typically start with company logo graphics, transition to the salesperson or marketing representative addressing a specific prospect or company on camera, and then the representative’s voice is heard over footage of the event, location, or content representing the event topics. Most companies will draw upon footage from a previous, similar event to represent the themes and experience of the upcoming event. By addressing the prospect individually, companies are able to personally invite prospects in video form to an event at scale. Even if the prospect doesn’t attend, these personalized event invitation videos are helping companies make a strong digital impression for lead nurturing and later follow up.

The Real-Time Event Update Video

Social media is all about what’s happening “now” and to fulfil that content need during an event, enterprise brands are creating quick real-time videos during the event that update audiences on what is happening at a booth, demos or other events that are taking place or special guests that are speaking. Some companies many of these types of real-time videos per day to reach a wide audience, both attendees at the event and those outside of the event. These real-time videos typically combine company graphics with a marketing representative on camera sharing as summary of what’s happening now, and b-roll or supporting shots of the demonstration or speech is laid on top of the marketing representative’s narration. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most common destinations for these types of videos, and given their timeliness, engagement can be very high.  See more on this type of video in our Videolicious Recipe on creating an Event Booth Video.

Event Wrap-up Video

The event wrap-up video is the most common video type created by agencies and professional video teams. These videos can also be amplified on social channels to reach a wider audience than just the event attendees. Enterprises are turning to their phones to create these videos when the quantity of events is too high to afford sending a crew, or the destinations are too far away from the home office. For global brands, it’s critical to have the flexibility to summarize events, even for an internal audience, whenever and wherever the events take place. Or for multi-day events, this type of video can be created to summarize the first days activities.

Events take a lot of resources to pull off, so it’s critical to get the most marketing results. Videos before, during, and after events, especially when created cost effectively with mobile devices, are an easy win for maximizing the results of event marketing efforts. Social media is optimized for video and real-time updates, and creating videos around time-sensitive events is a perfect fit to reach a great targeted audience.