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Created With Videolicious: Product Review Video & Event Coverage by AutoTrader

“The appeal [of Videolicious] was the ability to increase video production, without doubling or tripling our video budget”


Brian Moody, Executive Editor at desired to expand AutoTrader’s video production while at manufacturer’s events. Engaging quick videos, in conjunction with the traditional text article, are great for Autotrader audiences because they provide precise answers to product questions, with information that they can digest better. “These are mainstream cars that are important and likely to be on the radar of shoppers, so video is worth doing,” says Moody is often invited by major manufacturers to get first looks and test–drives of the latest cars. At these first look events, Autotrader (along with other invited journalists) gain free and easy access to a variety of cars set in an interesting location and then are given time to shoot the products. Moody explains that these events have helped their online content by providing “more compelling product review video” versus if you just have a shot of the cars sitting it in a parking lot.”


“The most common uses for Videolicious for us, generally, involve something that’s out in the field, so something where the travel and accommodations expenses would be prohibitively high” 


In addition to being able to create more content, Moody was able to cut down the number of contractors they hired to film and edit the videos, which helped them cut costs.  Videolicious gave Moody “the ability to shoot my own thing, at my own pace,” which allowed him and one other staff member to turn to their mobile devices to shoot, edit, and publish videos in a scalable and affordable way, without sacrificing quality.

At a Nissan event, where several new vehicles were being shown, Moody was able to create three separate product review videos from one event. “Something I would not have been able to do with a usual video crew.”
1. Nissan Armada: First Drive -
2. Nissan Armada: Off-Road -
3. Nissan Pathfinder: First Drive -

Following the video’s publishing to, “we’ve seen approximately 20,000 additional views on those pages, which is 20,000 more than we would have had with a text only article,” says Moody.

Another perk of using Videolicious at the car shows is that Moody and his smaller crew have creative freedom. “I don’t know the exact route [of the test drive], or if we’re going by the ocean or through the mountains or through the Dairy Queen drive-thru.  So in my mind, I kind of have an idea of some of the things I want, but you just kind of show up and get what you can get, which the great thing about it is that using a combination of both stills and video.” Previously with externally hired freelance team, “we had to be more choosey because the cost to bring a crew to a location.”


“People expect to see video and they don't want something that looks like Public Access from the 80's. This is the way to give people what they want but without having to constantly increase your annual video budget”


Moody said Autotrader audiences haven’t noticed a different in video quality between Videolicious videos and when they’d hire an external professional team for the event videos. In additional to his iPhone, Moody brings “the normal stuff that you would bring on any kind of a shoot,” such as a Canon DSLR, tripod, sometimes even a separate sound rig, lighting, a dolly.

As for his team’s experience transitioning to Videolicious, he says “[Videolicious] is easy but the more you do it, the easier it gets, so like anything there is a learning curve, but I would say by the time a person does their third or fourth one it becomes much easier so. It certainly is an excellent boost to what we have.”