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Empowering Sales Enablement Through Video

Sales is an ever-changing profession, with new tools and integrations becoming available everyday. I have a hard time keeping up. In fact, there are so many tools out there now that it’s difficult for sales teams to identify which tools will help them meet their goals and best serve their customers as well as help them win business from new customers. Enter sales enablement: a support role or team to helps sales professionals adopt technologies, implement processes, and produce content that increases sales efficiency and velocity. Your company may have already hired someone specific to this role or enablement responsibilities may fall under sales management, marketing or sales operations. Either way it’s imperative your company is able to determine which tools and processes will best help a sales team meet its goals by implementing new strategies and setting ROI metrics to measure the impact of those strategies.

It’s no easy task; sales enablement professionals have to keep abreast of the thousands of different tools currently available, each one with a different value proposition that offers different methods for sales teams to work more efficiently and quickly in a growingly competitive field. Once identifying those tools that align with a company’s needs, sales enablement must develop a rollout strategy in order to bring all members of a sales team up to speed with a new technology or strategy, a time consuming process made even more difficult by the size and distribution of the modern sales team. This can significantly slow down a sales team’s momentum as time that would otherwise be spent selling is diverted to learn a new tool.

Throughout my experiences in marketing and sales roles, I’ve felt the pain of being in the middle of developing this rollout strategy. On two separate occasions I’ve been through technology rollouts (Salesforce and that have been successful, but left me thinking what more could we have done internally to better equip our sales teams of process best practices. The key is finding the right communication tool that is sensitive to all parties time and allows your sales team to continue to meet their KPI’s for that given month.

This double-edged sword places sales enablement owners in a difficult position. On the one hand, they know that the tools and strategies they’ve discovered will help the sales team’s performance in meeting quotas and closing deals. On the other hand, sales enablement has to make sure that all members of the team quickly and effectively learn how to use those tools, or else face lost time either in a time-intensive training process or, even worst, ineffective use of the tools that does more harm to a sales team’s performance than good.

So now, sales enablement is doubly tasked to not only develop a rollout plan for new tools and strategies, but also to do so in a creative, engaging way that teaches sales team members everything they need to know about the new tools or strategies without wasting time. Traditionally, this has left sales enablement with one of two equally unattractive choices: either waiting for marketing to come up with a slick way of presenting the new information, or preparing it themselves with a Google Doc or some other ineffective method. This forces sales enablement to sacrifice creativity for speed or speed for engagement, and all three are needed for an effective rollout.

This begs the question: is there a way for sales enablement to really have it all when rolling out new tools? Yes, as it turns out, there is.

Employee-generated video offers the ultimate compromise. It allows for sales enablement to produce high-quality, engaging content that is both creative and quickly produced. Rather than taking time out of everyone’s day for an in-person huddle or conference call, sales enablement can shoot a video explaining all the features of a new tool or strategy in a creative, engaging ways that keeps the viewers attention while imparting all the necessary information. Best of all, the video can serve as a living reference that can be referred to for as long as the new tool or strategy is being implemented, adding to a company’s knowledge base without sharing another Google Doc that will sit uselessly while taking up space on everyone’s Drive. Through video, sales enablement can communicate a tool or strategy’s value regardless of time and location, circumventing the logistics difficulties of distributed sales teams.

Armed with the power of employee-generated video, sales enablement teams are well poised to quickly and effectively rollout new tools as they become available, ensuring that sales teams stay nimble, well-informed, and efficient in their selling efforts.

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