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How To Be Camera Ready In Less Than A Minute

With remote jobs becoming the norm, more and more of us are ditching the cubicle for our living room. As long as we have a wifi signal, we can work anywhere in the world and often from the comforts of our home. Yet with that freedom comes a new challenge- how to go from living room comfy to camera ready business professional without a lot of time or fuss?

Video conferencing is becoming common for remote teams, as is digital meetings with prospects and clients. Looking your business best is always a requirement no matter where you are working from. Balancing an “appropriate” appearance with the desire for comfort can be challenging, especially when having to prepare for an impromptu call from a customer or make a follow up video for a meeting.

Having learned from my own experience, I’d like to share a few tips and tricks I use to go from bedhead to “Business Barbie” in under 60 seconds flat.

First, I always keep something I can throw on that’s professional nearby. My go to is a nice navy cardigan. I can quickly throw it on over a t-shirt or my gym clothes and immediately look professional. Remember they are only going to see your shoulders up- so that’s what needs to look good! For guys, I recommend the same but with a collared shirt or a jacket.

Next, I put my hair up in a ponytail or bun. It’s a simple, quick improvement over bedhead that requires minimal effort while still looking presentable to customers or prospects. I usually recommend to guys that they keep a comb or a brush close at hand to quickly comb their hair before turning the camera on.

Now I normally avoid bright makeup, but on camera, a bright or red lipstick creates a polished and pulled together look.

And finally, I put on a quick coat of mascara or if I’m really strapped for time, I throw on a pair of glasses. That way, I look awake on camera.

There you have it! Business appropriate in less than a minute! Now you’re ready to start creating engaging videos from the comfort of your own home! For more tips and tricks with automatic employee-generated video, download our video content strategy ebook to start planning your own video success today.