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Created With Videolicious: Event Videos by Schneider Electric

As a “global leader in energy management and automation,” Schneider Electric saw an opportunity at their live events to also be a leader in video.

[Videolicious] definitely brought awareness for our marketing department and has been the go- to as far as people wanting to get live shots at events,” explains James Martin, Digital Marketing Specialist, U.S. partner business.

With events already on their calendar, Schneider Electric was able to utilize their booth setups to promote the showcased products, have their on-hand experts speak to the camera, create a more personal style of video content, and then push awareness out to social platforms from the event. As a result, 90% of the videos that are on Schneider Electric’s North American Facebook account were shot using Videolicious.

“We have just a few events that we go to and sponsor. National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is always the biggest annual event for us, and that’s where we have the most contractors, electrical contractors, electricians, and tradesmen in the same building at once. So it’s always the best opportunity for us to get right in front of them,” says Martin. With a goal to maintain Schneider Electric’s awareness at the event, Martin pushed to “get as many of these guys on video” as he could to share their product knowledge. Videolicious became his “quick way to do that.”

With all of the promoted products on display at their booths, Martin waited for an expert to be available between client tutorials, and had them show the newly launched products as he filmed. One example includes Phil Santoro interviewing Jeff White about Powerlink Intelligent Panelboards.

“We have tens of thousands of videos on YouTube with a product and we’ve always done that. Schneider’s always specialized in sort of doing tutorial videos on products, but Videolicious is a little bit different because it sort of allows us to more informally to capture our humans,” says Martin.

The creation of a more personal style of video content was a good opportunity for Martin to share Videolicious with Schneider Electric’s SVP of Business Development, Aamir Paul. “I was able to actually get him to do a selfie video, which was funny because a lot of people are sort of intimidated by him because he’s such an amazing speaker,” says Martin. “It was sort of playful and just genuine, that he was able to kind of speak directly to the camera without having to have a video camera set up on a tripod and lighting equipment and the full press interview. It made it a lot more comfortable, you know since the audience is electricians and contractors, they’re used to just regular off the cuff videos anyway.”

Martin found that Videolicious allowed Paul and the other experts to be “less scripted and more informal” during this style of video creation. “It’s right there in the moment at the booth, which is really the way, I think it’s best done.”

When it came to the quality of the videos, Martin found that the booths kept everything really well lit. All videos were shot with only an iPhone and the occasional “LED light on their phone to kind of have some face- fill light,” says Martin.

As for the publishing process on the day of events, Martin would record the videos on his iPhone, edit the clips, and then show them to the proper audience for approval. “I mean, the fact that it has our video bumpers at the beginning and end, you can choose music, all of that kind of stuff, and then generate it, show it back, show Phil, show Aamir… they love it and then get it posted. So it’s always pretty quick,” says Martin.

With over 180,000 Schneider Electric employees around the world, Martin encourages the “many different departments and employees and events going on all around the world” to get active with Videolicious. With just a mobile device, “literally anyone can do this if they know the basics of video.”