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Customer Not Returning Your Calls? Get A Reply With This Strategy

It’s been weeks since you last heard from your customer. The first meeting went great and you felt like the customer was engaged and ready to buy. Now, your emails and your phone call go unanswered, and you’re left wondering what went wrong.

These are Deals Gone Dark, when customers disengage from the sales process without clear warning or reason. They can be incredibly frustrating for sales representatives, especially when things seem to be going well. Meanwhile, Deals Gone Dark seriously hurt the health of your sales pipeline as they slow velocity and stagnate, skewing forecasting results.

Reengaging with these customers should be a top priority. After all, at one point they seemed interested and willing to buy, and it would be a shame to mark those deals closed lost just because the customer has become too busy or too distracted to reply. But what can sales representatives do to reach a customer that won’t answer phone calls or emails?

Sending a personalized video message can be a powerful strategy to reignite a conversation with a customer. By doing so, sales representatives can show the customer that they’re thinking about them and that they’re still committed to seeing them succeed with their product or service. Furthermore, a personalized video stands out from other communications the customer has received, increasing the chances of getting a reply.

To create your own follow-up video, follow these steps.

Step 1

Look your best. Dress as you would for a meeting with a client.

Step 2

Frame your video in a well-lit area free of noise.

Step 3

Start your video with a smile, addressing the customer by name and letting the customer know you’re thinking about them.

Step 4

Explain your product or service’s value proposition again and why you think it’s a good fit for the customer.

Step 5

Recap the points previously discussed in the sales process, including features and benefits.


Propose a time to meet again to discuss how to implement your product or service and align it with the customer’s business needs.

Don’t settle for Deals Gone Dark. Engage your customers directly with personalized outreach videos to break through the noise, get their attention, and win their business.

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