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AA-ISP Unite 2017 Videolicious Recap

Sales continues to quickly evolve in the digital age as more tools and data become available to help teams prospect, engage, and close smarter…and that’s not changing soon. In fact, sales professionals can expect even more changes to happen faster moving forward, giving advantage to those sales professionals who are the most flexible and adaptable.

This was the key takeaway from AA-ISP’s Unite 2017 event last week in Orlando. Sales leaders from all over came to discuss the digital transformation of sales and how emergent technologies like AI won’t displace the sales professionals of today so much as augment their efforts and help them drives sales in data-driven and automated ways.

“The whole sales industry is going through this massive disruption,” said Bob Perkins, founder and chairman of AA-ISP. “What’s behind that is mainly the customer. They really want to do things virtually.” Perkins says that as customers research their own information about companies and products, sales professionals must rise up and meet that demand through increasingly digital strategies.

A major theme of the conference was improved communication with customers. As customers become savvier in finding the information they need in order to make purchasing decisions without the involvement of sales professionals, sales professionals must engage with customers in a way that offers them additional value while also getting their attention. Chad Nuss, CRO of InsideOut, took part in an American Idol-style panel judging good and bad cold emails. Many of the emails didn’t meet his standards of quality outreach for modern sales.

“There’s 21 million inside salespeople in the United States,” says Nuss, “sending an average of 50 messages a day; that’s 1 billion messages going out that are ineffective, and it’s ruining it for everybody.”

With less time spent talking to customers face-to-face, sales professionals must find new ways of communicating with prospects that drive engagement while at the same time helping the prospect to make better-informed decisions about purchases. As the sales process becomes more and more digitized, sales organizations will have to find new ways of personalizing the buying process for customers and engaging them in one-to-one interactions that establish authority and trust.

At our session at Unite, we worked hands-on with attendees to help them make their own product pitch videos personalized to individual prospects to increase open rates and reply rates. We also shared some research on the power of video to get the attention of buyers: Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text (Forrester Research), and 59% of senior executives prefer videos to reading (Forbes). Clearly, video has a significant effect in getting the attention of modern buyers, which spells good news for sales organizations trying to get remain adaptable and relevant in the changing landscape of digital sales.

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