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Ghosting Prospects and Other Sales Nightmares

It’s Halloween again, when witches and monsters and other things that go bump in the night stalk the streets in search of tricks and treats.

But for sales leaders, it’s not goblins or ghouls that keep them up at night. Their fears are much harder to combat than turning on the lights.

These fears affect sales forecasting, quotas, and bottom lines. These fears haunt next year’s budgets and projections and keep coming back from the dead like zombies.

Fortunately, these sales nightmares are curable. We’ve listed some of the top fears of sales leaders with helpful tips on how to face and fix them, so that your Halloween (and your pipeline) will be a little less scary.

Prospects Ghosting

Are you haunted by that prospect that never called you back? This was someone who had seemed interested and maybe even verbally committed to purchasing from you, when suddenly, they ghosted you and you never heard from them again.

So what happened? Did the prospect disappear after an ill-fated drive down a country road one moonlit night? Or did they just get busy and forget to call you back?

The question is: how can you summon the prospect from the great beyond to reignite the deal and close the sale?

Don’t break out the Ouija board just yet. Follow up with a personalized video message. A short video letting the prospect know you’re thinking about them goes a long way to cut through the noise of their day-to-day itinerary and increases response rates by as much as 267%, allowing you to lay the sale to rest instead of marking it closed-lost for all eternity.

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Not Being Seen

With so much digital content circulating online, it’s hard to not feel like a vampire looking into a mirror: invisible. After all, there’s so much competition these days, and with multiple competitors all vying for the attention of prospects, it can feel almost impossible to be seen enough to sell to your would-be customers.

While it’s tempting to draw the curtains and climb into your coffin, a far more effective strategy is using video to stand apart from the crowd. Video is consistently proven to be the most engaging form of digital content. Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles (Forrester Research), while 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text (Forbes).

Video especially has a huge impact on emails. Just including the word “video” in an email increases click-thru rates by 7-11%, while including a video in an email increases conversions by as much as 21% (Experian).

So polish those fangs and get ready for the camera, because as these stats suggest, you’d be batty not to start producing your own video content in order to be seen by potential customers.

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Not Reaching Goals

Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re being chased down a long hallway towards an open door, but no matter how fast you run, the door only seems to get further away?

You’ve probably had similar nightmares when chasing deals. Are you doomed to run through the forever without closing that deal, or is there a way to bridge the gap and step through to the other side?

There is and video can help.

Video allows you to create deep emotional connections with prospects, allowing you to better engage with prospects throughout different stages of the buyer’s journey. Not only is video more engaging than other mediums; it also helps you communicates personally with your prospects, rather than another one of those automated sales zombies that clog up their inbox. With video, you can lead the prospect down the buying hallway, by telling and showing the prospect what they need at each stage in the process.

Shrink that hallway back to normal size and reach your goal, all with the power of personalized video.

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With these tips in mind, you can stop worrying about your recurring sales nightmares and start focusing on something truly terrifying: running out of Halloween candy.