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3 Benefits of Short Sales Videos

Shakespeare once wrote that brevity is the soul of wit.

That’s especially true in the world of B2B sales, where your reps are vying for the attention of busy executives in order to sell your product or service.

Early on, sales professionals are taught how to communicate the most value with the least amount of demand placed on the buyer. That’s why every sales professional has a fine-tuned elevator pitch in order to keep emails and other messages brief while still conveying what the buyer needs to hear.

So if you keep your emails and LinkedIn messages brief, why not do the same for your videos?

For some of the even most experienced sales professionals, video can be a daunting medium to adjust to. Even though it’s the most popular form of content online today and proven to be more engaging, there’s something about talking into a camera lens that makes a lot of sales folks forget how to get to the point quickly without losing the attention of the viewer. Even if videos get higher response rates than emails or phone calls, you can do more harm than good if you don’t keep your video message to the point.

Here are the top three benefits of keeping your video sales messages short.

Better Retention

Have you ever sat through a long video or movie (or at least tried to) only to find yourself lost with no idea what the point was?

Long sales videos run a similar risk. The more information you try to pack into your video message, the more opportunities there are for confusion and the less actionable information the viewer is likely to retain.

Instead, by keeping your video message brief and to the point, in a format that allows the viewer to easily digest the information you provide to them, the more likely they are to remember what was said as well as how your product or service can help their business needs.

More Responses

Executives are incredibly busy and simply do not have time for lengthy messages, including videos. A long video that requires several minutes to be viewed in full is likely to be ignored in favor of shorter, quicker messages.

Shorter videos are more likely to be viewed in full, increasing the likelihood of receiving a response. This especially makes sense when you consider that most calls-to-action are at the end of a message; if a video is so long that the viewer never sees the part where you propose a meeting time, then there’s little chance of getting the desired reply. However, if a video message is conveyed succinctly, then the viewer has a chance to digest all the information while also hearing the call-to-action, prompting them to take the next step and reach out to speak more.

More Shares

Content that is easily consumed is easily shared.

The same goes for sales videos, which can be a huge advantage when trying to sell across an organization. By keeping your video messages succinct, not only do you increase the likelihood of getting a response from the original recipient, but you also increase the likelihood of the original recipient passing on your video message to other interested stakeholders. This can greatly help your sales process as you speak with other key parties in the organization, helping you to accelerate the conversation (while also differentiating yourself with engaging, informative content that speaks to the business needs of your buyers).

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