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Three Benefits To Using Video in Account-Based Selling

In B2B sales, more and more companies are switching their focus from traditional lead generation to a more concerted approach in which sales and marketing work together to target, engage, and convert key accounts. Rather than casting a wide net and waiting for fish of all sizes to take the bait you’ve laid out for them, account-based selling is more on par with Captain Ahab going after Moby Dick, identifying an ideal account and pursuing it with the combined resources of sales and marketing in hopes of catching and converting the account into a paying customer. In this way, account-based selling flips the traditional sales funnel on its head, starting from a single identified entry point and expanding to serve tailored resources to others in the targeted organization.

A key element of effective account-based selling is tailoring your messaging to specifically meet the needs of the account you’re going after. This means personalizing your outreach in a way that speaks to your target’s needs, as well as making them feel like more than just a name on an email list. The challenge is communicating value in a personalized way that’s easy to digest.

That’s where personalized video comes in. Here are the top three benefits of including video in your account-based selling.

Drives Engagement

Video is the most engaging form of content out there, and including it in your account-based selling efforts is a powerful tactic to increase responses and book more meeting. Take a look at this pre-meeting video made by ABC Corporation. By addressing the prospect’s specific business needs, the video effectively gets the attention of decision-makers, igniting conversation inside the organization while at the same time prompting responses and decreasing cancellations.

Increases Content Sharing

There’s another key benefit to including personalized video in your account-based selling efforts: content sharing. If the goal of account-based selling is exposure, creating content that can be quickly produced and highly personalized is key to saturating a target organization with your brand or product’s message and value proposition. This kind of content is easily consumed and easily shared, creating a ripple effect that other forms of content can’t hope to replicate. This drives the account-based selling process, growing out outreach from a single decision maker to many.

Fosters Trust and Relationships

Video quickly puts a face to the reps reaching out to those in the target organization while at the same time allowing for customized messaging specifically addressing the decision makers in the target organization. By proliferating this targeted messaging across the target organization through email and social media, your marketing and sales efforts saturate the organization while at the same time building a foundation of trust that, leading to faster responses and shorter deal cycles.

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