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2018 Sales Predictions: Tools, Video, and Social Selling

2018 is right around the corner, and if 2017 was any indication of what’s to come, sales leaders can bank on it being a year of new challenges and changes.

We asked three sales leaders to share their predictions about trends and changes to look for in 2018. Watch the video or read on to hear their thoughts.

Nancy Nardin - President at Smart Selling Tools

I predict that vendors will look for ways to integrate with solutions other than just CRM, particularly, email and office solutions like Word and PowerPoint. Salespeople work in CRM but they also work in their email client and their office productivity tools. For Sales Tech to reach high adoption levels by salespeople, they have to fit into their daily workflow.

I predict that Sales Tech buyers will begin to search for solutions that first and foremost, help salespeople execute on their daily activities. As it is, solutions are evaluated based on what they can do for management e.g. forecast visibility, coaching, key metrics. While that’s important, I hope they will begin to focus equally on what helps a salesperson with their own tasks.

Bob Perkins - Founder & Chairman at AA-ISP

In comes in three p’s: Process, People, and Phone


The traditional way of doing things, the methods, the processes, and even the metrics are going to come into question. Why is that? Well, because we know through research less and less sales reps are making their quota, so the old ways of “Oh just get on the phone, make more calls, and you’ll sell more” isn’t going to cut it. New, results-oriented objectives are going to emerge as more important than the old, traditional metrics.


This digital transformation is fantastic. AI, machine learning, new apps emerging all the time, technologies that help us…we’re all embracing that, but at the cost of people or the human element left off to the side. I think there’s going to be a renewed interest in 2018 around training for the soft skills, the critical thinking, the communication that is lacking in this digital world.


Well, I’m not going to say it’s dead or that it’s going to die, but voice to voice is going to be replaced by face to face, or rather live video. Video isn’t going to be a nice-to-have; it’s going to emerge as a must-have.

Phil Lurie - VP Sales Technology at SAP

In 2018, I predict the integration of LinkedIn intro Microsoft is going to be progressing quite a bit, and that’s will make social selling a bit more convenient for people. In addition, I think the GDPR< the new regulations in Europe for data security and personal data protection, are going to make life much more difficult. Social selling will become a much more prominent player in the entire sales cycles because other means of reaching out to new customers will be prohibited.

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