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How to Retain Brand Control in Sales Video

While a good sales professional can convincingly explain the value proposition and ROI of even an unknown product, every sales professional will admit that their job is made easier by brand awareness. A prospect that’s heard of a company or interacted with its content is warmer to the idea of buying than a prospect that hears about a company for the first time during a sales pitch.

Just as developing a brand takes time and effort, so does reinforcing it. Sales leaders must always be cognizant of the way their teams are representing the brand. Each interaction a member of a sales team has with a prospect or customer has a ripple effect, either enhancing the brand reputation or damaging it. Because of this, controlling consistent brand messaging across all sales activities is a crucial requirement when considering sales tools.

This is particularly true when it comes to using personalized video in your sales efforts. You wouldn’t send your sales team out with ‘raw’ sales decks or other sales collateral, why would you have them sending videos like this?

A video sent out by your sales rep doesn’t just represent them, but your company as well. You should be providing them the tools they need to create and send videos that conform to your brand standards and can leverage pre-approved marketing assets. Including these elements will make the video look more polished and help ensure your brand is properly represented.

Here are a few ways that Videolicious can help ensure some brand control over the videos your sales teams are sending out:

Automatically add logos and branded business cards to videos

Any video created with Videolicious by your team can be set to add any pre-assigned graphics, animations or logos to the beginning or end of the video. This can be done on a company-wide level or vary team-to-team. Also, a business card template can be created so that each video contains the reps contact info at the end of every video. These templates can use custom fonts and graphics as well.

Set pre-defined scripts

Videolicious allows you to set a pre-written script for a video template, so a rep can create a video using the script in our teleprompter feature. Of course, they can personalize the script and add their own personal touches, but having this script helps ensure their message is aligned with your messaging and sales playbook.

Include marketing video collateral to create professional looking videos

Videolicious gives you the ability to include pre-approved marketing assets within the videos you are creating. These assets can be set up in shared folders that users can access directly in the app to include in their videos. These ‘supporting shots’ can help create a video that goes beyond the selfie style video, creating a video that can really wow your prospects and customers, while using brand-appropriate assets.

Combine all this to create easy-to-use ‘Magic Mode’ templates

With ‘Magic Mode’ in Videolicious, you can set all of these elements to create easy to use templates for your reps, giving them the ability to make professional looking branded, but personal, videos in seconds. Graphics, scripts and supporting shots are all predefined. Your rep just needs to film themselves and Videolicious does the rest.

Here is an example of one the videos our reps created using Magic Mode:

Personalized video can be scary, both for the reps creating the videos and those in charge of maintaining the brand and message. As you can see above, a few small enhancements can go a long way to helping reps look their best and the company feeling comfortable their videos are conveying the right messages.

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