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Created With Videolicious: PSI Social Media Marketing with Video

90 percent of marketers are using social media for business, according to Adweek. So naturally, Patient Services, Inc wanted to post content on their social media platforms about an upcoming event called “Evening of Hope” to garner audience attention. “Before Videolicious we didn’t have a strong social media presence. It was more through text and photo. Videolicious really opened the door for us. It’s definitely changed our media strategy for the better,” explains Brittany Nicholson, Coordinator of Social Media.

PSI was able to meet their social media marketing goals by adding video content created using Videolicious. With the desire to create “wonderful, amazing content through storytelling” Nicholson, along with Mandy Herbert, Director of Community Outreach, used Videolicious to “get the audience engaged and just as excited about our projects and what we have going on at PSI.”

Patient Services, Inc. has been helping chronically ill patients with medical expenses since 1989 through assistance programs to create positive outcomes for those who were once hopeless. Their events, such as “Evening of Hope” focus on how PSI restores hope and health to chronically ill communities.

While this was the fourth annual “Evening of Hope,” it was the first year that PSI was able to promote the event with social media marketing. “We never had any social media or a social video content for it to highlight how amazing this event is and the impact that it’s had on our organization as well as our patients and everyone who participates in the event. Once we came across Videolicious I thought that this was the perfect opportunity for the first time to highlight ‘Evening of Hope’ through video and storytelling, so it was an awesome experience to use this platform,” says Nicholson.

Nicholson and Herbert created a promotional video twenty days prior to the event, which they shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. “It was vital for us to spread awareness on the event, on the cause, how you can get involved how you can participate and just inviting people out to support the event. It was awesome and utilizing Videolicious to help accomplish that,” says Nicholson. In addition to the video with Mandy explaining the event, there were pictures of previous year’s events, links to the EventBrite so attendees could purchase tickets, and the list of hashtags so everyone knew where to post and share their own social media content to promote the event on their individual platforms

The video, as well as those posted after the event, received positive feedback. “The feedback from our audience has been tremendous. They love the video content.” The positive response has also been coming from within the PSI team. “The response we’ve got some patients, donors, sponsors, our board – It’s just been fantastic and they love the content!” says Nicholson. Even the President and Founder, Dr. Dana Kuhn has also shared his glowing review. “He loves the videos we’ve been able to produce on the platform and seeing the final products. He’s been thoroughly impressed with the content that has been produced.”

The video content has even helped to grow their engagement on Facebook. “We have seen tremendous growth in our numbers through constant feedback in reposts, sharing, likes, and comments,” says Nicholson.

As for the creative process, Nicholson wanted the video to be “interactive.” Using only an iPhone, she paired photos and video to compliment what Herbert saying. “I think our biggest priority was just lighting and trying to get that best visual look for the video and that location was the best fit,” says Nicholson.


As for the final edit: “Videolicious is very straightforward and super user-friendly, so it doesn’t it wasn’t difficult,” says Nicholson. The video took her about an hour.  “I feel like [Videolicious] is best when it comes to creating for form quick content and utilizing for short-form video content. And that’s exactly what we need it right now in our organization so it’s done a great job of accomplishing that for us.”

With video for social media off to a great start, the rest of the PSI is looking forward to what video content is coming next. “Seeing how much of an impact this platform has had on the organization, it’s been a great experience overall, just the whole journey,” says Nicholson.