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How to Build a Video Sales Prospecting Template

Video prospecting is the most authentic way to connect with buyers today aside from meeting with them in person. By incorporating tone, body language, and personality into your message, video allows you to represent yourself (and by proxy, your company) more accurately than any other sales prospecting methods.

If you’re not using video as a regular part of your sales prospecting methods, you’re missing out on ripe opportunities to be noticed and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Even if they’re also using video, their efforts will be intrinsically different from yours as every person brings their own unique style, energy and charisma to their delivery of material. Whether you’re using a standardized script provided by your company or just speaking from the heart, take confidence in knowing that your videos will be unique – simply because they’re created by you.

That said, it’s helpful to structure your videos around a sales prospecting template that can be tweaked for the medium you’re using, whether that’s email or social media. Having a strong, reliable sales prospecting template speeds up the outreach process and allows you to craft personal, effective messages in less time.

Hook Readers with the Subject Line

Did you know that just including the word “video” in the subject line of your email can increase click rates by up to 19 percent? (HighQ.) Since our culture is extremely responsive to video and conditioned to click the play arrow, you should be as upfront as possible about the presence of video in your template.

Incorporating your prospect’s name along with the word “video” in the subject line is recommended as a best practice and will pop with distinction as they scour their flooded inbox. It’s even better to create a personalized video for your prospect and to also make a note of that in the subject line. Prospects will be intrigued that you spent time recording a message just for them and delivering it through such an intimate medium.

Keep Your Message Brief

After recipients open your message, it’s best to let your video speak for itself – refrain from writing too much text in the email body. If you do, your prospect may get a sense that they already understand your value prop and now have no need to watch the video. Keep your introductory message short, upbeat and friendly – mentioning the topic of the video or including a short teaser about its content is a great strategy for enticing them to click play.

It’s also a good idea to mention how long your video is in the template – or rather, how short it is. Since prospecting videos should never be more than 30-40 seconds, being upfront about the length reduces any reluctance your prospect may feel about becoming consumed in a long video and sidetracked from their responsibilities.

Create Talk Tracks Industries/Use Cases

Not all prospects will be interested in your offerings in the same way. Different prospects have different needs and need to hear the value your products and services offer in the context of their role and industry. This is where the true power in creating sales prospecting templates comes in; by outlining the core values your products and service offer, you can quickly adapt that messaging so that it relates to different industries and job functions.

The art of sales prospecting depends on personalizing your messages to the recipient. By aligning your products and services to different markets, you can create a templated script that can be applied to 100’s (if not 1000’s) of eligible prospects. This will save your team hours of time crafting new messages each time they reach out to a new lead with a video.

By incorporating the aforementioned tips into your outreach template, you’re well on your way to inviting more engagement from prospects and starting meaningful conversations!

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