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The Top 5 Benefits of Social Selling

Social selling has quickly become one of the most effective ways to reach buyers. In a world where text-based email is saturated with stale prospecting, social networks are a smart alternative for making more personal connections. By offering the chance to reach out less formally and join stimulating conversations, social selling the smart way can help you gain traction with buyers in ways where email falls short. We’ll explore the top five benefits of social selling below:

Social Selling Humanizes You

According to Sales Benchmark Index, 73 percent of executives want to work with someone they already know. Outside of a personal connection or referral, social networks help your prospects understand you as a human and what makes you credible. A well-constructed LinkedIn profile will instantly show customers your professional credentials and communicate your purpose. Displaying a clear, high-quality headshot and uploading video frequently allows prospects to put a face to the name and makes you feel familiar – even if you’ve never met in person.

Social Selling Humanizes Your Buyers

It’s difficult to connect with prospects if you treat them as numbers or cash dispensers instead of humans. Sending the same intro pitch to multiple prospects – no matter your medium – isn’t the best strategy to optimize engagement. Personalized outreach shows prospects you took time to learn what they care about and craft a message that’s meaningful to them. Your prospect’s social profiles and posts provide a database you can scan quickly to glean information about their passions and drives – both in and out of the office. Both will suggest possibilities that you can use as icebreakers in your outreach, especially with video.

Social Selling Allows You to Join Existing Conversations

Whether done through email or direct message, cold outreach is usually unsuccessful because it’s, well, cold. Without thought or preparation, canned messages can come across as invasive and unnecessary, begging prospects to ask, “Why should I care?” By following your prospects’ posts and conversations, you can post relevant content to engage with a purpose. If you offer insight that your prospects may find valuable based on their existing discussions, you’ll start to make yourself top of mind when they run into challenges and need a solution.

Social Selling Helps You Build Your Personal Brand

If you want prospects to engage with you, make yourself someone you’d want to engage with! Take time to create and curate content that follows interesting trends in your industry to help others learn. Posting reaction videos and commentary that shows your unique insight will brand you as an expert in your field and attract like-minded professionals to visit your profile frequently. When they need help or advice, it’s much more likely that they’ll reach out to you – or respond enthusiastically when you reach out to them.

Social Selling Naturally Lends Itself to Video

Video is frequently the most engaging content on social media platforms. More than 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched per day (TechCrunch), and social video posts are shared 1200 percent more than text or image-based posts (Wordstream.) Since audiences naturally seek out video on social platforms, they’re a great vehicle for sending the likes of prospecting videos, meeting follow-up videos, and even event invitation videos. You can send video links along with your invitations to connect, or record video responses in reaction to your prospects’ posts.

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