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3 Video Prospecting Examples That Get Responses

Using video in prospecting is an effective way to break through the noise and get the attention of your buyers. Using vide in sales emails makes your messages stand out in your buyers’ inboxes while allowing you to connect in a way that’s engaging and authentic.

Sounds good, right? The question then becomes: “What makes a good sales prospecting video?”

Below are three great video prospecting examples. Each of these sales prospecting videos are short, to the point, and genuine, which is why each led to a new sales opportunity.

Video Prospecting Example 1

Kevin Wilson is a master when it comes to reaching out with something of relevance to the buyer. He saw this prospect speak at an event and made a video where he built off her points. To top it off, he used some footage he was able to gather while attending the event.

This video is both authentic and relevant. Kevin was genuinely engaged in the prospect’s session and was able to reframe her points through the lens of his area of expertise (video for sales). This is the kind of personalized video sales messaging that stands out from noise and marketing spam that too often clutters buyers’ inboxes.

Video Prospecting Example 2

In this video, Tracey Lessard couldn’t possibly be more authentic or relatable. She’s in the car waiting to pick up her child from school, a scenario many of the busiest prospects often find themselves in. Though Tracey is busy with the demands of life, she takes the time to send her buyer a personalized message.

Another thing that stands out in Tracey’s video is that she recognizes that the buyer is busy. By sending the buyer a short prospecting video (it’s less than a minute long), Tracey is being respectful of her prospect’s busy schedule and delivers a message that is valuable, personable, and to the point.

Video Prospecting Example 3

Aaron Bado’s video isn’t personalized to a single prospect. Instead, he addresses it to a broad audience. This one prospecting video can now be in used in multiple contexts, including a mass email sent out to a list of potential buyers as well as in a social selling video that he can post to LinkedIn or Twitter.

Aaron also seems friendly and knowledgable in his video, offering insights to the viewer based off his own background and subject-matter expertise. This establishes Aaron as a credible source of information. He can now build on this video with more personalized sales outreach specific to targeted prospects.

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