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Irrelevant? Ignored: Speaking To What Buyers Care About

How many emails have you received in the past that went something like this:

Dear Michelle,

What if you could take Outlook – the tool your salespeople use morning, noon and night – and turn it into a powerful sales pipeline management system? My company has a solution to do just that and I won’t need more than 10 minutes to show you how it works.

Our CRM solution makes Outlook the only tool you need to track and drive sales. Benefits include:

No costly new program for sales to learn Finally knowing what is really going on with your pipeline No fighting with people to actually input data No duplicate entry of information by your salespeople – (If it’s in Outlook, you’ve got it.) No struggling with sales to get the information needed to create and recreate reports

So the question is, Michelle, how much easier would it be for you to track sales if the familiarity of Outlook actually drove your people to use it? Outlook is already the first app sales opens and the last app they close.

In summary, Michelle, we transform your Outlook into a world-class sales tracking and reporting solution. We serve thousands of customers. I’d like to see how we might serve you. What you’ll see is how we turn what sales already does in Outlook, into everything you need:

Merge inbox, contacts and calendar information - with opportunities, stages, and records Enables your sales teams to capture data and you to analyze it all in one place Track emails sent, appointments scheduled, or meeting notes entered Provide all the reports necessary to fully track and manage sales efforts

Michelle, if you have an interest in a best-of-breed sales pipeline management solution that doesn’t break the bank and that sales will actually use, let’s chat. Just give me a date and time this week, or next when you’re free for a couple minutes and I’ll set up a quick call to discuss.

Talk soon, Michelle.


Mark Spencer Vice President of Sales 206-555-2586

Not only is this email painfully programmatic (repeating someone’s name over and over again isn’t going to make them buy from you and instead just makes it obvious that you’re using an email template that’s being blasted out to maybe hundreds of other people), but it’s also not at all relevant to the buyer.

First, it assumes that the buyer uses Outlook, and then it goes on to talk about feature after feature without specifically discussing Michael’s needs at his company. There’s nothing directly relevant about it. Mark shouldn’t be surprised when Michelle deletes the email, because there’s nothing in it that speaks to her needs in her role at her company.

Instead, had Mark taken some extra time to research Michelle and her role, he might have found out that they use G-Suite (oops!), or that her biggest challenge isn’t tracking data in her CRM but rather accelerating stalled deals after demo calls. Either way, Mark would have quickly discovered that Michelle was not his ideal customer, and saved both his time and hers by identifying other prospects whose needs fit his solution.

In sales, it’s tempting to dive right into the solution and dazzle buyers with all the bells and whistles that make your product or service stand head and shoulders above the competition. But the novelty of even the coolest new products or services wears out if it doesn’t solve a problem or painpoint for your buyers.

That’s why understanding your buyers before you reach out is so critical. It allows you to tailor your message specifically to the buyer’s needs; long before you start rattling off features, you should express to your buyer that you understand the challenges they face and that because of that understanding you can provide a solution that will deliver the most value.

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