It's easy—and fast—to create great videos with Videolicious. Just choose your shots, tell your story, and select your music. Then let Videolicious put it all together for you.

To make videos with Videolicious on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, download the Videolicious app from the Apple App Store, open the app, then press the Sign In button to access your account.

Step 1: Choose your shots.

On your mobile device, the Videolicious app automatically imports the video and photo contents of your camera roll and albums. A thumbnail will appear for each shot. Touch on the thumbnails to set their order in your video.

Step 2: Tell your story.

To record a narration clip, just record using your mobile device camera. Film yourself talking about the videos and photos in your movie—summarize the topic (“This is a great apartment, with tons of light from south-facing windows”), or discuss each shot in order ("The dining room is large and elegant, while the kitchen has all-new appliances”).

For more options, see Customize Your Video.

Step 3: Select your music.

With the Enterprise, Business Plus, or Business plans, select a song from the extensive Videolicious music library, or choose Skip to have no music. Swipe to adjust music volume.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Videolicious will automatically trim your shots, layer them, mix your audio, animate photos, and export your final video in a format playable on both browsers and mobile devices.

You're now ready to share and promote your video.