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Including personalized video in emails gets more responses, books more meetings
and converts opportunities to sales. Videolicious makes
professional-looking video creation fast and easy.

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Sales Resources

Deals Gone Dark

The Ultimate Video Prospecting Guide

40% of sellers think prospecting is the hardest part of the job. Learn how to prospect better with video.

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Video Content Strategy

The Video Selling Adoption Guide

Enterprise video adoption almost never happens organically. Follow these 5 steps to successfully implement video selling in your sales organization.

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Emotional Engagement

Sales Differentiation

Only 3% of buyers believe that sellers have an approach that stands out. Learn how to break through the noise with video.

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Deals Gone Dark

Deals Gone Dark

According to LinkedIn, 24% of deals go dark. Learn why deals go dark and how to revive them.

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Video Content Strategy

Video Content Strategy

85% of companies plan to create more video content in 2017 than they did last year. Learn how to develop your own video content strategy.

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Emotional Engagement

Emotional Engagement

According to Gallup, only 29% of customers feel fully engaged in the sales process. Learn how creating emotional connections with your customers drives sales

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Videolicious Enterprise Solution

The fast and easy employee video
creation solution


  • Unlimited Sound Bites
  • Unlimited Supporting Shots
  • Unlimited Length
  • Add Multiple Logos
  • Advanced Audio Mixing
  • Add Lower Thirds
  • Add Watermarks
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Advanced Photo Animation
  • Commercial Music Library
  • Mobile Video Production
  • Custom Footage Albums


  • Unlimited Company Size
  • Unlimited Employee Users
  • Unlimited Video Storage
  • Collect Employee Videos
  • CRM Integration
  • Custom Teleprompter Templates
  • Single Sign On
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Remote Logo Control
  • Video Platform Integration
  • Corporate Editorial Control
  • Access Videolicious API
  • Analytics and Metrics


Incredible professional-grade video, instantly

With Videolicious Magic Mode® your sales team just gives a sales pitch, and Videolicious does the rest. Graphics are added, a video business card is combined at the end, music is mixed in at the right levels and high end marketing footage is incorporated to make the video compelling, professional, and effective.

"After a great initial meeting with a hot prospect, I sent 5 follow up emails, left 3 voicemails, and messaged on LinkedIn, but got crickets. Then I sent a video with Videolicious and heard back in 20 minutes."

Fortune 500 Sales Executive

Flexible Video Creation

No uploading necessary - edit in seconds, not hours

Today's workforce is all about flexibility, and Videolicious creates
powerful, personalized sales videos wherever you are.
Videos are edited in seconds not hours, and the videos can be sent directly from
the phone with lightweight, video embedded emails.


Way more than just a talking head

Nothing is worse than watching a video of just a talking head on camera. That's why Videolicious Magic Mode enables sales teams to create videos that incorporate powerful marketing footage instantly to highlight value proposition and engage the viewer. Your marketing team has spent a fortune on the best possible ways to represent your products and now your sales team can unlock that power with a personal touch.

Your Workflow
and Branding

Logos, notifications, publishing

Our platform is built for modern sales organizations. Automatically add the right graphics for the right products. Notify the right sales managers when a video is made. Deliver the final video via email or to your account at Kaltura, Brightcove, Vidyard or other video platforms. Videos are automatically collected and delivered in your customized workflow, so key messages can be shared right away.

Expert Training

Creating a video-literate organization

When a sales team starts with Videolicious, the aim is to make sure each and every sales professional can present themselves in the best possible way on camera. Our expert video evangelists have taught tens of thousands of video novices the art and craft of video creation for sales. We can help everyone in your organization create high-quality, emotionally engaging videos. Choose from three levels of video literacy training, equipping employees to make the right videos to drive sales.

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