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4,000,000 users

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  • Franchise Marketing

    Today, real estate agents need the best possible technology to grow their business – and real estate video sells. Videolicious is far and away the leading real estate video creation solution, with millions of users – including leading real estate franchises. The quality and ease is so high that the world’s biggest media brands use it. Now you can give your agents the fastest and easiest way to create powerful marketing videos, supported by a robust video literacy program led by our experts. At Videolicious, we help agents create high-quality real estate video that grows revenue.

  • Listing Videos

    A slideshow or rambling one-shot walkthrough isn’t enough for today’s audience. With Videolicious, agents can quickly combine expert personalized sales pitches with concise feature shots, driving excitement for each listing. Home sales rest on the personal connection between an agent and the buyer, and Videolicious gives agents the perfect platform to reach out for that initial connection. Great-looking logos and high-end music make your listing videos even more professional and powerful.

  • Customer Testimonials

    After the hard work of selling a home, interview the happy sellers or new owners at closing to make a powerful testimonial. Videolicious automatically combines customer video clips with supporting shots of your work together, along with music, and logo graphics – creating videos that showcase your ability to wow your clients. Social proof sells, and video is the best way to demonstrate your customer success.

  • Neighborhood Tours

    The neighborhood tour makes for powerful marketing. Share your expertise and give your audience an opportunity to get to know you through video. Videolicious automatically combines your tour with photos and video clips of the best neighborhood restaurants, schools, and attractions, helping prospective customers get to know an area and enticing them to work with you.

  • Agent Profiles

    Video can be an incredibly efficient way to introduce yourself to new customers. Videolicious makes it easy to create a professional-looking agent profile by combining a video introduction with shots that help customers understand your passions and expertise – giving them great reasons to work with you. Add music and graphics to give your profile polish and professionalism.

Videolicious Enterprise Solution

The fast and easy employee video
creation solution


  • Unlimited Sound Bites
  • Unlimited Supporting Shots
  • Unlimited Length
  • Add Multiple Logos
  • Advanced Audio Mixing
  • Add Lower Thirds
  • Add Watermarks
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Advanced Photo Animation
  • Commercial Music Library


  • Unlimited Company Size
  • Unlimited Employee Users
  • Unlimited Video Storage
  • Collect Employee Videos
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Remote Logo Control
  • Video Platform Integration
  • Corporate Editorial Control
  • Access Videolicious API


Fast and easy – everyone can do it

Creating high-quality real estate videos once required complex video editing skills. Now, with Videolicious, it’s automatic. Real estate agents can use our patented tools to create professional listing videos, neighborhood tours, agent profiles, and customer testimonials with ease – Videolicious puts all the pieces together.

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“Videolicious has helped me create more engaging and impressive content for website and email marketing.”

Stephanie Derderian

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Fully Mobile

No uploading necessary - edit in seconds, not hours

Real estate agents live on the move – so they need a video creation solution that’s fully mobile. Videolicious’ patented technology works entirely on a mobile device – no slow upload to the cloud for editing. Custom sales videos can be created in seconds right after a showing, not hours or days later. In sales, timing is everything – use Videolicious to stand out from the competition with fast, powerful video creation.


Way more than just collecting clips

Say goodbye to the shaky 10-minute, one-shot video tour. Make slick videos that cut from room to room, guided by your expert sales pitch. Automatically add logos and contact information and you’ve created a high-impact sales tool that represents your brand.

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“Videolicious allows me to create professional videos quickly and easily that help me market my seller's properties.”

Kelly Williams

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Full Integration
and Branding

Logos, notifications, publishing

Give agents automatic access to high-quality branded motion graphics. Onboard tens of thousands of agents with the Videolicious API and custom signup page integration. Then, to help agents get the most sales value from their videos, integrate the finished videos into your agent marketing solutions.

Expert Training

Creating a video-literate organization

Video creation is a new skill for most real estate agents, so we offer industry-leading video literacy training to bring your team up to speed, quickly and efficiently. In live editing demonstrations, national webinars, breakout sessions, or custom master classes, the Videolicious team will teach your agents the ins and outs of effective video creation – what to shoot, what to say, and how to put it all together. No one has helped more agents create video for the first time than the Videolicious team.