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With millions of users across leading brands, Videolicious makes it easy for your
team to grow your business with powerful social videos. Whether it’s an event video
for Facebook and Twitter, a series of how-to videos for your content marketing
campaign, or customer testimonials at your conference booth, our patented, fully
mobile, automatic video editing technology makes video creation faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever before.

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  • Event Videos

    With all the resources that go into marketing events, it’s important to amplify the message with video marketing. With Videolicious, team members can quickly combine attendee and brand representative interviews with customer testimony and live event footage. The result: powerful social videos made so quickly that you can share them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube during the event itself.

  • How-to Videos

    Create how-to videos in minutes. Videolicious makes it easy for team members to take photos of each step, adding on- or off-camera narration, then illustrating website or software tips with video clips captured through other screen capture software. Our quick, easy, scalable process is great for both content marketing and internal training – so you can create a how-to video for every key business process.

  • Social Support Videos

    With Videolicious, your team can answer customers’ Twitter and Facebook questions with high-quality, personalized video responses including on-camera messages, product close-ups, logo graphics, and music – created in just a few minutes. High-quality video responses wow customers and support deep personal connections.

  • Customer Testimonials

    At events and through social channels, combine customer messages with product shots to powerfully and authentically increase sales. With Videolicious, team members can quickly combine great things customers say about your products and services with product videos and photos to create great-looking branded customer testimonials.

  • Employee Profiles

    Whether you’re recruiting, building internal connections, or doing external marketing, you need to position the people behind your products and services as passionate experts who provide the best for customers. Videolicious makes it easy to combine employee introduction videos with company branding, music, and close-ups illustrating elements that make each employee unique.

  • Ecommerce Sales Videos

    Combine existing product photography or video clips with your team’s expert narration to mass-produce videos for ecommerce product detail pages. Videolicious technology has powered creation of more than 100,000 product detail page videos for retailers including Walmart, Zappos, the Gap, Macy’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond – increasing sales conversions by as much as 90% (validated by A/B testing).

  • Personalized
    Sales Videos

    Meeting with a product buyer? Send a video thank-you combining shots of the products you showcased with a personal video summary. Amaze sales prospects with a personalized video that they can share with colleagues. With Videolicious, editing is automatic – so creating high-quality video is fast and easy.

Videolicious Enterprise

The fast and easy employee video
creation solution


  • Unlimited Sound Bites
  • Unlimited Supporting Shots
  • Unlimited Length
  • Add Multiple Logos
  • Advanced Audio Mixing
  • Add Lower Thirds
  • Add Watermarks
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Advanced Photo Animation
  • Commercial Music Library


  • Unlimited Company Size
  • Unlimited Video Storage
  • Collect Employee Videos
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Remote Logo Control
  • Video Platform Integration
  • Corporate Editorial Control
  • Access Videolicious API


Fast and easy – everyone can do it

Whether you’re doing marketing, sales, recruiting, or training, video matters more and more in business. Now, with Videolicious, it’s automatic. Our patented automatic video editing tools makes professional-quality video creation fast and easy, so every employee – regardless of background – can create compelling business video productions that make an impact.

Los Angeles Times

“It has a very user-friendly interface, it’s easy to learn, and you deliver a great finished video without a lot of effort. I’m a big believer in using this left and right."

Kelly Wood

Digital & Integrated Marketing Manager
Rich Products Corporation

Fully Mobile

No uploading necessary – edit in seconds, not hours

A video opportunity can come up anywhere – at your headquarters or satellite
offices, at events, or with customers in the field. Our patented technology works
entirely on a mobile device – no slow upload to the cloud for editing. So premium
productions are finished in seconds not hours. So your employees can create the
right kind of marketing, sales, or communications video, when and where it
matters most.


Way more than just collecting clips

Smartphones and tablets put powerful video cameras in your employees’ pockets. But just shooting raw footage can’t create high-impact business videos. Videolicious puts professional production values in the hands of each employee. Automatically layer logos, music, and supporting footage with interviews and messaging to create concise, high-quality content that grows your business.


“If a 60-year-old photojournalist like me who started his career processing black and white film in D-76 can do this, anyone can."

Mark Boster

Los Angeles Times

Expert Training

Creating a video-literate organization

Video creation is a new skill for most employees, so we offer industry-leading video literacy training to bring your team up to speed, quickly and efficiently. Based on your art direction and business goals, we design and implement a video literacy training program that gives every employee the skills to create multimedia content that makes a difference. Quality video is as much about on-camera speaking and shooting skills as it is about images. We help your team every step of the way, transforming your ability to leverage the power of video.

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