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Hundreds of leading media brands use Videolicious to quickly make
premium-quality video productions – using only a mobile device.
It’s the easy-to-use video solution for media.

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4,000,000 users

  • Breaking News

    Be first with breaking news and you get a huge competitive advantage. Videolicious gives journalists the automatic editing tools they need to create high-quality video in seconds and automatically upload it to your newsroom, CMS, or video publishing platform. Produce, edit, and publish a complex news package before a TV truck can even set up – so your audience can get the latest information right away.

  • Article Videos

    Videolicious is the video solution for media that any journalist can use. In the field, collect key soundbites and automatically layer supporting footage to create a video accompanying a news article. Grow audience, video streams, and revenue by giving your audience the video coverage they expect. Field reporting becomes even more valuable when journalists can create exclusive multimedia content in their regular reporting workflow.

  • Sponsored Series

    Combine press footage and photos with an expert report from your team to create a premium video series on the week’s entertainment, reviews, or events. Automatically layer newsroom reporting shots with illustrative shots and your company logos. Media outlets are generating significant revenue from selling sponsorships for this kind of in-house content.

  • Social Marketing

    Automatically edited video productions give your journalists a fast, easy way to tease upcoming stories, provide quick summaries, and promote your brand with video posts to Facebook and Twitter. You can also answer audience questions with quick, automatically edited premium video productions, or create compelling behind-the-scenes videos with ease.

  • The Newsroom of the Future

    Will the future newsroom have five microwave trucks – or 50 journalists armed with iPhones? High-quality mobile phone cameras plus Videolicious let your team create broadcast-quality news packages in seconds, to give your audience the up-to-the-minute reporting they expect. Videolicious doesn’t replace high-end video production – instead, it gives your team the flexibility and efficiency to create more content, more quickly.

  • Local Advertising

    Only a few big companies can afford high-end advertising and TV spots. Thousands more want to use video – but don’t have the content creation expertise or publishing outlets they need to reach an audience. With Videolicious, your ad sales team can create premium videos for a whole new tier of advertisers – growing revenue and leveraging your existing audience.

is Taught
at Leading

  • Columbia Journalism School
  • Missouri School of Journalism

Videolicious Enterprise Solution

The fast and easy employee video
creation solution


  • Unlimited Sound Bites
  • Unlimited Supporting Shots
  • Unlimited Length
  • Add Multiple Logos
  • Advanced Audio Mixing
  • Add Lower Thirds
  • Add Watermarks
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Advanced Photo Animation
  • Commercial Music Library


  • Unlimited Company Size
  • Unlimited Employee Users
  • Unlimited Video Storage
  • Collect Employee Videos
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Remote Logo Control
  • Video Platform Integration
  • Corporate Editorial Control
  • Access Videolicious API
  • Analytics and Metrics


Fast, easy – and designed for deadlines

Videolicious helps newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations create thousands of high-quality, sophisticated videos. Intuitive, automated software lets you edit in seconds. Our patented technology cuts together interviews with B-roll, then adds logos, lower thirds, transitions, music, and effects nearly instantly – so anyone in your organization can make premium videos on deadline.

San Francisco Chronicle

"It's been really encouraging to see so many different reporters all over the newsroom try to do video, and do great videos"

Katie Dowd

News Sports Producer,  
San Francisco Chronicle

Fully Mobile

No uploading necessary - edit in seconds, not hours

One of our secrets is that our patented technology works entirely on a mobile
device—no slow uploading to the cloud is necessary for the videos to be
automatically edited. This means premium productions are finished in
seconds not hours. It’s true mobility at its best.


Way more than just collecting clips

A premium media brand demands premium videos. Videolicious makes the real thing – not just raw clips from a phone, but true visual stories with graphics, layers of interviews and supporting footage, original high-end music, and more. Videos made with Videolicious give you the quality that helps grow audience – and revenue.

Hearst television inc

“I defy anybody to tell the difference in video quality between the Videolicious package she had done and something that was shot on our high end cameras and edited in Adobe”

Dave Busiek

News Director, KCCI

Your Workflow
and Branding

Logos, notifications, publishing

Our platform is built for sophisticated media organizations. Automatically add the right graphics for the right journalists. Notify the right desk editors when a video is made. Deliver the final video to the right account at Brightcove, Ooyala, Worldnow, Internet Broadcasting, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Kaltura, or others. Videos are automatically collected and delivered in your customized workflow, so your stories can be published right away.

Expert Training

Creating a video-literate organization

When a media company starts with Videolicious, the aim is to get everyone involved in video creation. Our expert “video evangelists” have taught at leading journalism schools. We can help everyone in your organization create not just any video, but the video you need to grow your audience and revenue. Choose from three levels of video literacy training, equipping employees to tell visual stories that delight your audience and transform your video efforts.

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